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Benefit Innovations is a benefits advising firm with more than fifty years of combined experience in tailoring business strategy to the client through their expertise in employee benefits, PPACA, strategic planning, and employee communication.         
If you're ready to take the first step towards a brighter and better future for your business, 
we are ready to take you there.

Our Guiding Philosophy 

Every day, we conduct ourselves and make our business decisions based on these values:

1.         Do the right thing.

2.         Be proactive, instead of reactive.

3.         Earn, build, and maintain client trust.

4.         Be constantly learning.

5.         Provide customized solutions.


Who We Are:

We are an agency committed to our guiding philosophy. We have consistently earned the trust of our clients because of it! We also know that the current economic climate mandates business solutions beyond benefits consultation-- which is why that isn't the only thing we do well anymore.


Specializing in employee benefits, ACA compliance,  and human capital enrichment, we pride ourselves on creating clear, positive, and powerful results.


We create change by asking the important questions; then, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the right answers and use them to implement change--for the better.


The first step is setting aside time to talk about your business. After all, how much time do we spend working in our business, but not on it?


We can help.


Our Clients:

At Benefit Innovations, we're excited to partner with likeminded business owners who are excited for a brighter and better future.


If you are a business that is interesting in enriching your relationship with your benefits consultant, we want to talk to you! Our approach is a new and exciting one that is providing our current clients with powerful, bottom-line results.



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