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Are you experiencing health symptoms and need advice?

Do you have questions about a medical diagnosis?

Do you need support during your treatment?

is here to help!

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Your MD Logistics medical plan includes AIMM at no extra cost.

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AIMM's team of licensed nurses and doctors are available when you need medical advice or support. 

Contact AIMM if:

  • You're not sure if you should see a doctor.

  • You don't know what kind of doctor to visit.

  • You don't understand your medical diagnosis.

  • You need help navigating your treatment plan.

AIMM helps you find the right care with the right provider and helps you get the most out of your medical benefits!

When you contact AIMM and follow their advice, your facility co-insurance is waived.

AIMM can help save you money!


Your MD Logistics medical plan requires that you contact AIMM before any inpatient or outpatient surgery or other medical procedures.

Are you receiving phone calls or letters from an AIMM nurse?

Answer the phone or return AIMM's call!

AIMM 's nurses may contact you about your health or medical treatment. It's important that you 
answer these calls and speak to the nurse.

Not sure why AIMM is calling? Answer the phone and ask!

Don't let uncertainties keep you from seeing a doctor.


is here to help!

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Don't avoid treatment because you are confused or have questions.

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Amber Blevins at Benefit Innovations

Human Resources at MD Logistics

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